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I am an apprentice Master Gardener with the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Cooperative Extension Program. My local office is in Chester County. As part of my volunteer activity I am working with a team to develop a Butterfly Garden on the grounds of the  Church of the Loving Shepherd.  We will be using the creation of this garden as an educational program for some of the participants in the Bournelyf Special Camp which, is held every summer. Members of the congregation of the church will be involved as well as in the ongoing maintenance of the garden.The purpose of this blog is to document the project as it develops.

August 5th – Butterflies in the garden.

This morning I had the chance to visit the garden with my cousin Lee from Bucks County. I have been talking up the Bournelyf Butterfly Garden to family and friends and it was fun to share it today. Here are … Continue reading

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Early Morning Visit to the Garden

It’s another warm day here in West Chester but I wanted to go see if I could spot the caterpillars. I also wanted to see how the campers’ grass heads were faring. It seems to me that the best time … Continue reading

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Session Five: Propagation

On July 25 we had our fifth session of our Bournelyf Butterfly Garden and Special Camp training. I conducted this session on Propagation along with Nick Russo. Although  I had assisted with a few of the other sessions, this time … Continue reading

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Exciting News

Barb Rinehart just got the news that our garden has been certified as Pollinator Friendly! Thanks to Barb for taking care of submitting the application. So what exactly is a Pollinator Friendly Garden and what is pollination? According to the … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Garden

Even before we planted our perennials we have started to see the butterflies flitting through the garden. The above picture was taken by Tom Bare when he was watering one hot, hot day! An Orange Sulphur Spicebush Butterfly on Agastache … Continue reading

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Digging in the Dirt: Session One

On June 27, 2012 our first session opened at the Bournelyf Special camp. Our first day teachers were Diane Roberts, Craig Rybinski, and Tom Bare. Assisting were Marian Post and Lynn Markealli. Campers spent the morning adding amendments to the … Continue reading

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Laying Out the Garden

Everything  Laid Out It’s the 4th of July and it is moving day for the plants that Taryn, Gail and Barb have all been babysitting for several months. Next week we will hold the Session on Perennials and the following … Continue reading

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Session 2: Bournelyf Butterfly Garden – Planting Annuals

Finally the day arrived for us to actually put some plants in our garden. It was a hot and sunny day but very comfortable under the tent where campers, staff and Master Gardeners gathered. All the campers got to choose … Continue reading

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The Grass is Dead!

It took six weeks, but the grass is dead and ready to for the rototiller! We were a bit worried for a while because the grass seemed to be continuing to grow. Perhaps the last week of warm sunshine did … Continue reading

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Our Final Plant List , Perennials Part One

As the time draws near for planting our butterfly garden we are busy gathering the plants that we have chosen to put in beginning the first week of July. While this is not the ideal time to be planting we … Continue reading

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