Minutes for the Team Meeting on February 25, 2012

A team meeting was held 2/25/2012. In attendance were Barbara, Tom, Jen, Taryn, Diane, Nick, and Tanya. 


Plant Selection and Design: Taryn provided a graph (40’ x 20’) of the garden and a list of the perennials and shrubs she has selected for it. She indicated the garden is very large, has a 2 foot wide tending path, and will need 115 plants NOT counting the annuals and herbs which take up another 1/3 of the garden with an estimated 30 to 50 annual plants.   Taryn has worked hard at selecting plants for their color, time of bloom, height, and ability to withstand the environment.

Still to be decided are what annuals and herbs we will be putting into the garden.  We will also be keeping a running list of any plant donations team members can make to the garden from their own gardens or from seedlings that they will growing.

 We also spent some time reviewing the progress that each week’s teaching team has made with their lesson plans.

For Team DigDiane provided an inventory of the tools that are already available for use in our garden. The tools are used by the CLS’s ground crew. This is great because it will reduce the number of tools that we’d have to get donated or purchase.

 Diane also provided her outline for her team’s lesson. Tom elaborated on killing the grass with landscape fabric versus black plastic (which destroys soil structure, a tip provided by Craig). The team calculated the needed amendments—40 lbs of limestone, 3 lbs of urea, and 8 bags of compost. Our campers will distribute the amendments using a sieve. The garden will be worked in quadrants and each camper will get the opportunity to work with a variety of tools.   Our garden’s tending path will be installed before any planting occurs and wood chips from the church property will be used to make the path. Mulch will go on at the end of the six week project.

We are looking forward to getting an update from  Lisa and Anne. Team Annuals will update us on their lesson plans and materials list at our March meeting.  Herbs should be butterfly host plants such as dill, parsley and fennel, and should also include native “weeds” such as violets, clover plantain, and grasses which we can get from the church property or donated from other MGs.

Jen, Team Perennial, provided her outline for her lesson. She suggested that we need to add a butterfly hatching experience to the plans for our  campers. This would begin at the first class.  Each class session would then start around the butterfly “cage” where any hatching activity could be observed. Since this is the first year for the garden, this will insure that the campers get to observe some of a butterfly’s life cycles.

Barb, on Lynn’s behalf, gave an update on Team Natives progress. Now that Taryn has provided a graph with the layout of the garden Lynn and Janet can continue to plan for what they will be needing for their session.

Gail and Nick, for Team Propagation have a number of activities planned for their class. They plan on using demonstration as well as involving the campers in different types of hands-on activities. such as propagation from seed. division of an existing plant, using plant cuttings, and planting the babies of a spider plant.

 Team Butterfly or is it Team Compost(?) also gave their update. Barb and Janet are planning a straw bale, 2 bin compost pile at the lower edge of the property. A location has been selected and the design was presented. If time allows, rocks from the property will be selected to be placed in the garden for a puddeling spot and as decoration.

  Diane has investigated quite a few rainy day activities.  Hopefully we won’t need them, but with the activities that she has researched we will be prepared!

Ideas that are still percolating: an insect house, signs for the garden, a flyer for our earth Day Activity, the Garden Kit for each camper, and a butterfly brochure.

Our next meeting will be March 24th at 11:45 A.M.

Note: For information on hatching butterflies look here.





About chestercoextbutterfly

I am an apprentice Master Gardener with the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Cooperative Extension Program. My local office is in Chester County. As part of my volunteer activity I am working with a team to develop a Butterfly Garden on the grounds of the  Church of the Loving Shepherd.  We will be using the creation of this garden as an educational program for some of the participants in the Bournelyf Special Camp which, is held every summer. Members of the congregation of the church will be involved as well as in the ongoing maintenance of the garden.The purpose of this blog is to document the project as it develops.
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2 Responses to Minutes for the Team Meeting on February 25, 2012

  1. Barbara Rinehart says:

    Thanks Gail for this update. Progress is being made. I just received a donation of ALL of the straw bales I need for the composting class. That’s 25 x $8.00 = $200 of free straw. Yeah! Now to start the Master Composter class this evening. Barb.

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