Team Meeting January 28, 2012

What a great meeting we had today! In addition to most of the team being present, we were joined by Annie Debenny Catlin, The Bournelyf Special Camp Program Director, Katie Campbell, Lead Counselor of the Expedition Program and Pastor D. John Woodcock from Church of the Loving Shepherd. It was very helpful to have both Katie and Annie with us as we all were eager to learn more about the campers that will be participating in the construction of the garden once summer gets here. Those who volunteered to teach classes got to ask questions that will help them to tailor the classes to best meet the campers needs. Some of the things that we learned were:

  • projected class size will be 15-20 and that counselors will also be on hand to help
  • teachers need to take a relaxed approach, be flexible, and realize that while the goal is to educate the campers we want them to have fun
  • the campers are open to new activities and will enjoy being introduced to butterfly gardening
  • it will be important to break new activities into steps for participants and to use demonstration and hands -on activities when teaching

Classes will be taught by Master Gardener Apprentices with the assistance of a certified Master Gardener. The class schedule is as follows and will cover:

  • Team Dig , Digging in the Dirt – June 27th – Diane Roberts will be assisted by Craig Rybinski and Tom Bare in teaching campers about tools and their care, soil, and soil amendment.
  • Annuals and Irrigation – July 2nd – Lisa LoMonoco, mentored by Anne Wagner, will teach participants about annuals and plants will go into the ground for the first time! The importance of watering what we plant will also be covered.
  • Perennials – Critter Food and Home – July 11th – Jennifer Perilli, assisted by Anne Wagner, will present this topic and selected perennials will be planted. Why butterflies need host and nectar plants will be covered as well.
  • Native Plants: Healthy Habitats – July 18th – Lynn Markealli, with the help of Janet Paterson, will cover the importance of the use of natives in a butterfly garden. Shrubs that butterflies use as larval/caterpillar food sources will also be discussed.
  • Propogation: Getting Many from Few – July 25th – Emily Japngie and Gail Warner-Lidondici with  Nick Russo’s assistance will cover the topic of plant propagation. The plants used to demonstrate how to propagate through division can also be used to fill in the garden!
  • Team Butterfly: Maintenance – August 1st – Barbara Rinehart with Janet Paterson will cover the need for ongoing maintenance to keep our garden growing.

Barb Rinehart set a deadline of the March 24th  meeting for lesson plans and materials lists to be completed. Our CFO, Lynn Markealli confirmed with John Woodcock how we will need to document expenses for reimbursement. It’s great to have one person to handle this for the project. In regard to plants that will be used for the garden, the team will be using as many native varieties as possible. As Master Gardeners we have learned how important this is not only to gardening for butterflies, but gardening in general. For further information click here. A list has been compiled of the native plants that we may use in our project garden. The list also includes annuals and herbs that attract butterflies. This was distributed to the group. Taryn Giunta will be assisting with plant acquisition and also with the layout of the garden. We learned that the parents of a former camper who has recently passed on are considering making a contribution to the project as a way of remembering their son.  Annie, the BSC Program Director, asked for the teams input. Finally, suggestions were made  by the team for activities that will be explored at future meetings including:

  • putting together a mini gardening tool kit for the camp participants to take with them at the end of camp
  • Having a Dedication Party at the end of camp to celebrate the completion of Phase 1 of our project
  • the Rainy Day activities team with Diane Roberts and Marion Post – this will be very important in the event of rain

For some more information on related topics click here, here, here here, and here.


About chestercoextbutterfly

I am an apprentice Master Gardener with the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Cooperative Extension Program. My local office is in Chester County. As part of my volunteer activity I am working with a team to develop a Butterfly Garden on the grounds of the  Church of the Loving Shepherd.  We will be using the creation of this garden as an educational program for some of the participants in the Bournelyf Special Camp which, is held every summer. Members of the congregation of the church will be involved as well as in the ongoing maintenance of the garden.The purpose of this blog is to document the project as it develops.
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